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This article contains the booklet '1080 landholder information' and provides a general summary of a landholder’s obligations under the code of practice for the safe use and management of 1080 in Western Australia.

All sodium fluroacetate (1080) users are urged to become familiar with the 1080 code of practice, which is linked to this page.

Warning: 1080 is an extremely dangerous toxin so great care is required with its use.


Sodium fluoroacetate (1080) is a highly poisonous substance that is used to control agricultural and environmental pests.

A number of Acts, Regulations and other legislative instruments restrict the use of 1080 in WA. Only trained and authorised landholders are able to purchase and lay baits containing 1080. Bait products containing 1080 are generally only supplied by licensed, commercial S7 retail outlets.

Misuse of 1080 products can endanger you, and your family, your pets, the public, farm animals and wildlife, and may restrict the long-term availability of this essential vertebrate pesticide.

How to obtain 1080

The Landholder information for the safe use and management of 1080 booklet and Bait and poison directory for vertebrate pests in Western Australia page contain the information you require on how to obtain 1080 for pest control.

Follow up

1080 baiting is an integral part of any pest management program. To achieve lasting benefit from baiting you should also consider other control methods following poisoning. For example, follow up by shooting any survivors, and fumigating or ripping warrens and dens.

Your local DPIRD Biosecurity Officer can provide advice on these approaches, and integrated pest management.

If poisoning occurs immediately call 000 to request an ambulance!

Further details on first aid can be found in the Landholder information for the safe use and management of 1080 booklet. Or alternatively, contact the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26.

Important final words

If you use 1080 in accordance with instructions, it is an efficient, safe, and effective way of controlling pest animals.

There may be disastrous consequences if 1080 products are used incorrectly or carelessly.

Do not take your responsibility lightly. You must take every available care to ensure that the baits are used safely and do not end up in the wrong place or in the wrong hands.

The continued availability of 1080 as a control method for animal pests is vitally important for the agricultural and pastoral industries, and the biodiversity of WA, and its ongoing availability is dependent upon all users using 1080 products safely and responsibly.

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