Barley variety fact sheets

Page last updated: Thursday, 21 January 2021 - 11:56am

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Comparing the latest barley varieties with commonly grown, established varieties can be confusing.

The Barley variety fact sheets help growers to compare varieties in an easy to read format with all essential information in one table. The fact sheets are designed to help growers make the best variety decision for their enviroment and to assist with the management of these varieties.

The fact sheets contain updated disease ratings, yields relative to a benchmark variety (La Trobe and Scope CL), updated phenology and agronomic information like nitrogen recommendations and weed competitiveness notes.

The fact sheets include information on recently released varieties Banks and RGT Planet as well as suggetsed varieties to grow in the coming season.

Growers should also be mindful that the tolerance of some varieties to net type net blotch (NTNB) and powdery mildew have changed as new pathotypes emerge. Appropriate management should be applied to limit the effect of these diseases on production. See the disease resistance section of the fact sheets for more details.

This fact sheet document should be used as a quick refernce guide for growers and consultants throughout the 2018 growing season.

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