Using pesticides in strawberry production – your responsibilities as a grower

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This article outlines strawberry growers' obligations with respect to using pesticides on their farms.

it is very important to control pests and diseases effectively while minimising exposure to dangerous chemicals.

Using pesticides correctly will control pests and diseases effectively, keep you safe and minimise your exposure to the pesticides.

Rules and regulations for pesticide use must be followed to make sure that you, the food you grow, your neighbours and the environment, remain safe.

Using pesticides wrongly or illegally can mean you lose the right to sell your fruit. Your actions could even mean that all growers lose access to some markets.

Once someone has been found to use pesticides incorrectly, they may not be able to buy other pesticides and might not be able to continue in business.

Registration of pesticides

You can only use pesticides that are registered for use on strawberries in Western Australia or that have a current Minor Use Permit for strawberries.

Tables 1 and 2 below list pesticides that are allowed to be used on strawberries in Western Australia as of 12 February 2015, but these can change often and must be checked regularly.

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority website is updated daily and can be used to find both registered chemicals and minor use permits.

Using the wrong pesticide may also be a waste of money if it does not control the pest or disease that is causing problems.

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Using pesticides in strawberry production – your responsibilities as a grower


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