State NRM Office: partner and supporter of your NRM project

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The State Natural Resource Management (NRM) Office was established in 2003 by the Western Australian Government to facilitate the coordinated delivery of natural resource management in Western Australia, and manages the State NRM Program.

The Natural Resource Management Program is a State Government initiative that provides support through grants to small and large community groups - across Western Australia to address NRM priorities.

State NRM Program grants have assisted on-ground works as well as planning, training and resource assessment activities to conserve, restore, rehabilitate or enhance a local natural area or conserve biodiversity. Funding supports groups to access resources and training to enhance their capability and performance through the engagement of local NRM officers.

The projects support the environment by:


  • Protecting urban, rural and marine plants and animals
  • Restoring bushland, wetland and coastal environments
  • Assisting Aboriginal involvement in natural resource management
  • Controlling feral animals and weeds
  • Raising community awareness and understanding of the environment
  • Enhancing the capability of community groups


Our contact details:

State NRM Office

3 Baron-Hay Court, South Perth

(08) 9368 3168