Skeleton weed: chemical control

Page last updated: Tuesday, 5 December 2023 - 1:50pm

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Control information for skeleton weed (Chondrilla juncea L.), a declared pest in Western Australia.

Reporting finds prior to undertaking controls

Contact your local DPIRD Office, skeleton weed Local Action Group, the Pest and Disease Information Service or use the MyPestGuide Reporter App prior to completing any chemical controls.

Chemical recommendations for application on skeleton weed are reviewed and published annually and presented into a best management practice guide which is available to skeleton weed infested landholders and interested persons, with chemical mixes which will vary depending on the land use (crop, pasture, plantations or organic farms etc).

You may also be eligible for landholder assistance, support and advice through the Skeleton Weed Program which is funded by the Grains, Seeds and Hay Industry Funding Scheme. 

Control recommendations

Refer to the Skeleton Weed Program's published best management practice guide Skeleton weed in Western Australia: Management Guide and the Skeleton weed in Western Australia: Control Program which is now available as a PDF document. 

Chemical considerations

When using any agricultural chemicals please ensure that you always follow instructions on the label and any permit. Users of agricultural chemical products must always strictly comply with the directions on the label and the conditions of any permit. To view permits or product labels go to the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority website.




Contact information

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