Strip grazing calculator

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Strip grazing is a tactic used to increase feed on offer (FOO) during winter and is a valuable management tactic for wool growers wanting to increase stocking rates, maintain stocking rates in poorer seasons or improve the quality of wool produced.

This calculator allows you to determine the area of the strip within a paddock required for your sheep.

Flock Details


Flock Results

Stocking Rate Check:{{stocking_rate | number : 0}} (Sheep / ha)
An overall stocking rate of 20-30 DSE for the paddock is recommended.  Press help button for details.

Paddock Details

(kg DM/ha)
(kg DM/ha)

Paddock Results

Area of Strip Required:{{area_required = calc_area() | number : 1}} (ha)
Length of Strip Required:{{length_required = 1000 * area_required / paddock_width | number : 1}} (m)
Average Daily Feed Intake:{{ feed_intake = calc_feed_intake() | number : 2 }} (kg/head)

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