Rural Business Development Corporation (RBDC)

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The role of the Rural Business Development Corporation (RBDC) is to properly and fairly administer assistance schemes for the rural sector on behalf of the State and delivers other services for the benefit of rural industry. The RBDC Act allows the RBDC to administer any 'approved assistance scheme' - any scheme that states the purpose and nature of financial assistance, identifies the categories of persons eligible for financial assistance and is approved by both the Minister and the Treasurer. The RBDC also provides advice to the Minister on a range of rural issues.

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Open Schemes of Assistance

Farm Debt Mediation Scheme (WA)

Currently open for applications. For more information refer to the Farm Debt Mediation Scheme page.

Closed Schemes of Assistance

Farm Finance (FFCLS) and Drought (DCLS) Concessional Loans Schemes

These schemes were funded by the Australian Government and are being administered by the Rural Business Development Corporation (RBDC) on behalf of the Western Australian Government, for the Australian Government.

Applications closed on 30 June 2017. For information on the current and historical interest rates for the Commonwealth Concessional Loans Schemes as determined by the Autralian Government.

For loans scheme interest rate information click here.


Regional Investment Corporation (RIC) June 2018

The Australian Government established RIC, which opened on 1 July 2018.

Farmers who seek a Commonwealth concessional interest rate loan will need to apply to RIC direct. RIC is offering two loan products for farm businesses – Farm Investment Loans and Drought Loans. For more information about the loans and eligibility requirements, contact RIC on 1800 875 675 or visit the RIC website.

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