Declared plants

To protect Western Australian agriculture the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development regulates harmful plants under the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007.

Plants that are prevented entry into the State or have control or keeping requirements within the State are known as declared pests.

The Western Australian Organism List (WAOL) contains information on the area(s) in which a plant is declared and the control and keeping categories to which it has been assigned in WA.

If you need advice on declared plants please search for articles below in our website or:


  • Parthenium weedragweed, Santa Maria feverfew, bitter weed, carrot grass, congress grass, false ragweed, ragweed parthenium, whitetop 

  • Parrot's feather, Brazilian water milfoil (Myriophyllum aquaticum) is a declared pest in Western Australia (WA).

  • Parkinsonia (Parkinsonia aculeata

  • Noogoora burr, also known as cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium

  • Nodding thistle (Carduus nutans) is a declar

  • Needle burr, spiny amaranth, spiny pidweed, spring pigweed (Amar

  • Mintweed (Salvia reflexa) is an uncommon weed in Western Australia (WA). This article describes the nature of the plant with links to control methods.

  • Miconia (Miconia spp.) is a declared pest in Western Australia (WA).

  • Mexican poppy is the common name given to two weeds in Australia. Argemone mexicana is not present in Western Australia (WA) but is a declared pest in WA.

  • Mesquite (all Prosopis species and hybrids) are declared pests in Western Australia (WA).