Sheep Industry Business Innovation

Western Australian sheep industry university scholarship program

Researchers and supervisors from Western Australian (WA) universities are invited to apply for WA sheep industry scholarships. 

The WA sheep industry scholarship program is part of the department's and SIBI's aim to support the sheep industry to capitalise on growing markets for sheep products.

Department Sheep Industry Development Director Bruce Mullan said “The SIBI project recognises the value in supporting and encouraging individuals who wish to pursue further study by addressing key industry questions relevant to the sheep industry supply chain in WA.”

“Overall the program is about building capacity and giving students an appreciation and awareness of the industry and the sheep supply chain, including agri-business and agricultural and animal sciences.”

The program offers financial support for eligible research, including Honours, Masters and PhDs. Key funding sources for PhD scholarships may also include Meat & Livestock Australia Donor Company, Australian Wool Education Trust and University Australian Postgraduate Awards.

Applications for SIBI research scholarships are open from July 2017-March 2018 and are to be used as operating costs and stipend.

For further details on proposed topics, timelines and an application pack, please see the WA sheep industry scholarship webpage.