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PestFacts WA is an informative and interactive reporting service on pests and diseases threatening crops and pastures throughout the grain belt of WA. Weekly news updates throughout the growing season provide readers with risk alerts, current information and advice.

PestFax Issue 3, 7 May 2021

Identifying and managing weevils in canola
Rutherglen bugs are being found in pastures
First field pea blackspot disease forecast for WA is available online

PestFax Issue 2, 29 April 2021

Check emerging canola crops for aphids that may be carrying turnip yellows virus
Redlegged earth mites are hatching and resistance testing is available
Russian wheat aphid found in barley regrowth down south

PestFax Issue 1, 23 April 2021

Bryobia mites are active. Can you identify the different mite species?
Locusts can damage emerging crops
Slugs and snails are damaging canola
Tips for identifying caterpillars and remember beneficials when spraying
2021 autumn winter insecticide spray guide is now available...

PestFax Webinar Issue, 9 April 2021

Register now for the PestFax foliar and virus disease findings and risk outlooks for WA crops webinar
PestFax invertebrate webinar recording can be viewed online

PestFax Pre-season Issue, 26 March 2021

Green bridge increases risk of early onset of fungal and virus leaf diseases, soilborne pathogens and pests
Bait for snails before egg laying occurs

PestFax Issue 19, 5 November 2020

Final PestFax newsletter for 2020!
Predicting next year’s insect pests this harvest
How to prepare for flag smut in wheat next season
Last chance to participate in the Biosecurity Blitz!

PestFax Issue 18, 22 October 2020

Avoid snail contamination at harvest and plan for next season
WA’s Native budworm moth trapping surveillance is finishing for 2020
Ramularia leaf spot of barley – is it in your area?
Are you participating in DPIRD’s Biosecurity Blitz?
2020 Crop Protection Forum

PestFax Issue 17, 8 October 2020

Diamondback moth surveillance summary for WA
Fall armyworm update
Native budworm continue to pose a threat to crops
Participate in DPIRD’s Biosecurity Blitz from 19 October to 16 November

PestFax Issue 16, 24 September 2020

Be mindful of chemical withholding periods if spraying for native budworm
Russian wheat aphid webinar recording can now be viewed
Fusarium crown rot
Upper canopy infection of blackleg in canola

PestFax Issue 15, 10 September 2020

Russian wheat aphid update
Spring control of redlegged earth mites
Ascochyta blight spotted in chickpeas
Barley disease update

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