Mimosa control

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Control methods for Mimosa (Mimosa pigra) a declared pest in Western Australia. Report the presence of this organism before undertaking a control measure.


Information about this pest can be found on the mimosa: declared pest page.

Chemical requirements

When using any agricultural chemicals please ensure that you always follow instructions on the label and any permit. Users of agricultural chemical products must always strictly comply with the directions on the label and the conditions of any permit. To view permits or product labels go to the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority website.

Chemical control options

Chemical control options can be found below. For other methods of control please refer to the declared plant control handbook.

Recommended herbicides

  • Cadence Kamba® 500
  • Fluroxypyr

Herbicide: Cadence  Kamba® 500 (Group I)

Active ingredient

  1. 700g/kg dicamba
  2. 500g/L dicamba

Amount of product/10L water

  1. 30g for 700g/kg dicamba
  2. 40mL for 500g/L dicamba

Rate of product/ha

  1. 1.43–1.7kg for 700g/kg dicamba
  2. 2–2.4L for 500g/L dicamba

Formulations registered for Northern Territory

Time of application

Actively growing plants, preferably during the wet season. Retreatment may be necessary to control new germination of seedlings.

More information and other control methods

  • High volume – thoroughly wet all leaves and stems
  • By frill or trunk injection; 1:12.5mL water, making downward cuts into bark at 6cm spacings around the trunk and using 2 mL/ cut
  • 40mL/10L dicamba (500g/L) for foliar application

Herbicide: Fluroxypyr (Group I)

Active ingredient

200g/L fluroxypyr

Rates of dilution for spot spraying

0.15L/100L water

Amount of product/10L water

50mL for common sensitive (M. pudica)

30mL for M. pigra

Rate of product/ha


Wetting agent dilution

1:400 non-ionic wetting agent or Uptake® spraying oil @ 500mL/100L water

Time of application

Actively growing before flowering


Will kill legumes

More information and other control methods

  • 333 and 400g/L formulations availabl.
  • Aerial application of 3L/ha for M. pigra
  • Also Grazon® DS (triclopyr and picloram) and Graslan (tebuthiruron) is registered

Contact information

Pest and Disease Information Service (PaDIS)
+61 (0)8 9368 3080