Sensitive sites in Western Australia

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The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development operates a sensitive sites service to identify the locations of sensitive commercial production systems across Western Australia's agricultural region.

Locations are provided in a free online map, and landholders are asked annually or bienially to register interest in having their property included on the map.

This service is designed to assist both sensitive enterprises and nearby landholders to prepare risk assessment and mitigation plans for their activities, to ensure sensitive sites are protected.

The 2021-22 Sensitive Sites map has been finalised, and can be accessed from this page. 

New registrations will only be considered when the next registration period opens.

Sensitive site definition

For the purposes of the map on this website, a sensitive site is a property with a commercial agricultural production system that its owner and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) think may be particularly sensitive to impact from some activities on nearby land. This may be due to the nature of the production system or produce.

Examples of sensitive sites include: 

  • certified organic
  • certified biodynamic systems
  • managed commercial tree nurseries
  • licenced aquaculture
  • commercial viticulture.

Application process

Applications for inclusion in the sensitive sites map must be assessed by DPIRD, which reserves the right to ask any applicant for documentary evidence and to decline any application which fails to meet the guidelines.

If you believe that you have a sensitive production system and wish to register your interest please send an email to during the registration period only.

The following information is required:

  • the address of your property
  • your preferred contact details, including an email address
  • the full details of your production system
  • relevant documentation to support your request, such as a copy of your organic/ biodynamic certification certificate or aquaculture licence.

DPIRD will also contact current Sensitive Site registrants when registration is open, to remind them to check their details and advise of any changes, and request to provide proof of curent certification/licence of their production system.

While the Sensitive Sites map provides an information source for producers, it is vital they continue to communicate directly with nearby landholders.

View the sensitive sites map 2022
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  1. The locations of these sites in the Map & description of them as sensitive sites are based on information and requests provided to DPIRD by growers in DPIRD's database. DPIRD is not able to verify or identify the nature or extent of sensitivity of mapped sites, types of activities that may pose risks to the sites, or the extent of those risks. Nor can DPIRD advise whether there are other sites that may be sensitive, but are not shown on the map because they or their sensitivity are unknown to DPIRD or their owners did not request listing of them
  2. Mapped data & other information in this package may not be accurate, current or complete due to changes which may not be notified to DPIRD or may not be immediately updated in this package
  3. I should not make significant decisions in reliance on information obtained from this package, but should make my own investigations, consult relevant property owners & obtain updated professional advice relevant to my circumstances
  4. I accept all risks & responsibility for losses, damages, costs & other consequences resulting directly or indirectly from using this site or information or material in it
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