Furthering grower knowledge and understanding of the scientifically unidentified 'Dongara weevil'

Page last updated: Thursday, 5 October 2023 - 3:04pm

This project will provide growers, advisers and researchers with knowledge on the distribution and information to correctly identify the 'Dongara weevil' that is currently damaging canola crops in the Western Australian wheatbelt. 

Start date: 05/12/2022
Finish date: 31/03/2025


Understanding the extent and distribution of the Dongara weevil aids in conserving Australia’s biosecurity and biodiversity status.  

Additionally, a preliminary understanding of the host and environmental preferences and the taxonomic classification of the pest is important for the development of tools and information to correctly identify the pest, to build a better understanding of the pest, and ultimately to assist with the development of effective management strategies. 

This project aims to expand the understanding of its distribution in WA, determine some of the factors that influence the incidence and severity of crop damage caused by this species, and identify or describe the ‘Dongara weevil’. This information will be pivotal to better inform possible future initiatives of managing this unidentified crop pest. 

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Dusty Severtson