National controlled traffic farming conference

Controlled traffic farming (CTF) is a system that delivers unparalleled improvements in productivity and sustainability. Farmers who are pushing the envelope of what CTF makes possible are unquestionably leading the pack in the development of profitable and sustainable cropping enterprises, often at low cost.

The barriers to the adoption of CTF can be overcome through better connectivity, engineering solutions, and a greater understanding of the agronomic solutions required to manage the system.

This conference will bring together a wide range of sectors to find practical adoption solutions and to continue the development of CTF. Themes include ‘Economics of CTF’, ‘Setting up the CTF system’, ‘Benefits of managing compaction in a CTF system’ and ‘Technologies that add value to CTF’.

  • Day 1: On-topic presentations and networking opportunities at Novotel Langley, Perth
  • Day 2: CTF in practice at Bolgart: issues, solutions and outcomes

Post-conference tours (two-days to CTF in northern, eastern or southern wheatbelt). Costs on application. If you are interested in joining the post conference tours please contact Paul Blackwell on 0476 161 729 or Bindi Isbister, DAFWA Development Officer on +61 (0)8 9956 8555.

For all conference enquiries visit the National CTF Farming Conference website or contact Graeme Currie on +61 (0)427 233 395.

When and where

HostAustralian Controlled Traffic Farming Association and Western Australian NoTill Farmers Association
Start DateTuesday, 22nd August 2017
Start Time8:30 am
End Time5:30 pm
End DateWednesday, 23rd August 2017
LocationNovotel Langley
221 Adelaide Terrace,
Perth, WA 6530
WebNational CTF Farming Conference


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