Enhancing frost tolerance and/or avoidance in wheat barley and canola crops through in-season agronomic manipulation

Page last updated: Wednesday, 1 November 2023 - 9:03am

By 2025, the opportunity and value of adopting in-season agronomic practices for the avoidance of frost damage are validated and quantified. 

Start date: 05/05/2022
Finish date: 30/06/2025


Australian crop production takes place in a challenging environment where growers have to cope with climatic extremes. Managing production risk in yield-limiting environments due to abiotic events such as drought, high temperatures and frost is a necessity for growers to remain financially viable. 

Frost damage avoidance could be achieved through the manipulation of crop phenology using novel agronomic practices, including the application of plant growth regulators or mechanical defoliation.  

These approaches need to be researched at field scale over a range of production environments.  

DPIRD will be evaluating products that are suggested to purport tolerance to or protection against frost will to arrive at novel outcomes for frost protection. 

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