Carbon farming: approved and proposed methodologies for carbon-offset projects

Page last updated: Wednesday, 25 August 2021 - 2:22pm

Anyone wanting to undertake a carbon farming project to sell carbon offsets has to use an approved methodology to account for the carbon sequestered. Project methodologies set out how the project will be undertaken and how the abatement will be estimated (or measured) and reported.

Approved methodologies are available for project proponents on the Australian Department of Environment and Energy website..

Methodologies must be based on credible science and ensure that credits are only issued for genuine and additional reductions in greenhouse gases.

Methodologies are developed by the Department of the Environment and Energy with input from stakeholders and technical working groups. Before they can be used, methodologies must be assessed by the Emissions Reductions Assurance Committee (ERAC) and approved by the Minister for the Environment. Information about methodology development is available on the Australian Government website.

Listings of methodologies that have been approved and are available for use by project proponents.

Information about how to use methodologies and participate in the Emmissions Reduction Fund are available from the the Clean Energy Regulator website.