Chris Gazey
Senior Research Scientist
chris gazey

My role in the department

In 2017, Chris took on the role of Soil Productivity portfolio manager. This position oversees soil management related projects in the Grains Research and Development Transition directorate and contributes to the strategic direction of soil RD&E in the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development. Chris’s job is integral in assisting growers to better manage soil constraints.This is being achieved by providing evidence based long-term information on the benefits of removing acidity, addressing compaction, managing water repellence, nutrition and other subsoil constraints to production. His also works closely with the Lime WA Inc group of independent suppliers of agricultural lime to monitor progress towards managing soil acidity.

Contact information

+61 (0)8 9690 2000
+61 (0)429 107 976

My background

Chris has more than 35 years experience in agriculture research and industry development. This includes more than 10 years at the University of Western Australia in soil microbiology and more than 25 at DPIRD. These positions have involved managing many state and national, externally funded soil related projects, collaborating with private enterprise, UWA and CSIRO.


  • Soil Productivity Portfolio (DPIRD) including the Grains Research and Development Soil Constraints West II projects (2019–20124)
  • Soil acidity is limiting grain yield, DAW00236 collaborating with three interstate GRDC projects
  • Innovative approaches to managing subsoil acidity in the Western Region, DAW00252 collaborating with interstate projects in the Soil Constraints Initiative and The University of Western Australia

Key Expertise

Managing complex collaborative projects related to soil management with inter and intrastate involvement from private, government and educational organisations


  • President: Soil Science Australia (WA branch) 2019
  • Dip Project Management, Central Institute of Technology, 2015
  • M Sc (Agric), The University of Western Australia, 1992
  • B App Sci (Biol), WAIT (now Curtin University), 1982