Catherine Borger
Research Scientist
Catherine Borger

My role in the department

Changes in farming systems, farm management practices and climate are resulting in a changing weed spectrum. To allow effective management of weeds in our evolving farming systems, Dr Borger generates information on the biology and ecology of emerging species, with a particular focus on weed seed bank persistence. She leads further work on the impact of management decisions like soil amelioration or fertiliser on weed growth and the weed seed bank, to allow growers to relate agronomic decisions to optimal weed control. The aim is to develop effective control programs which target current and emerging weed species, while focussing on the broader agronomic or economic requirements of farming enterprises.

Contact information

+61 (0)8 9081 3105
+61 (0)467 816 082

My background

Dr Borger has over 17 years experience in research, development and communication of weed control. Over this period she has investigated weed ecology, control, herbicide resistance and integrated weed management modelling at DPIRD or The University of Western Australia.


  • Emerging weeds (seed-bank biology of emerging weeds). GRDC funded project - UA00156
  • Demonstrating and validating the implementation of integrated weed management strategies to control barley grass in the low rainfall zone farming. GRDC funded project – UOA1903-004SAX
  • Impact of soil amelioration on weed ecology and control. Science Partnerships 2019.

Key Expertise

Research, development, communication, extension, weed research, plant biology and ecology, herbicide resistance, integrated weed management, event management


  • PhD from the School of Plant Biology, The University of Western Australia
  • BSc in Agriculture with Honours, The University of Western Australia

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