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The full biomass mapping data is available in more detail on the Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Interface (AREMI) – see the links below the dashboard. The AREMI map also allows you to overlay supporting information such as road and rail networks, electricity grid maps and many other types of data you may need for planning your renewable energy project. If you would like some help navigating this resource, please contact us.

Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Interface (AREMI)

There are a wide variety of biomass materials produced across Western Australia, and in many cases it will only be through aggregating smaller volumes of material that a critical mass of feedstock to support an industry can be attained. This is one of the benefits of the Australian Biomass for Bioenergy Assessment (ABBA) mapping process, which allows us to identify biomass hotspots where significant volumes of material are available in proximity.

Residue data available through the AREMI platform include softwood and hardwood plantation residues, oil mallee plantings, municipal shire waste, fruit and vegetable residues, feedlot wastes, dairy effluent, construction and demolition wastes, commercial and industrial waste, cereal straw, chicken broiler litter and more.

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