Buy West Eat Best: supporting the Western Australian food industry

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The Buy West Eat Best logo with its familar stylised map of Western Australia with bite marks on the eastern border, provides consumers with a brand representing integrity, trust and local produce.

Managed by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, the program gives food businesses a tool to reinforce their presence in the WA marketplace.

The Buy West Eat Best program has ignited consumer passion for locally grown, farmed, fished and produced food. Buy West Eat Best is more than a label which consumers look for and believe in - it also supports its members, and sales of member products, through its consumer marketing campaigns, digital and social media, and trade networks. Members have reported significant increase of sales through their association with Buy West Eat Best and a strengthening of their brands in their all-important home market.

About the program

Since the program's inception, the bright green logo is finding its way onto more and more retail shelves, store catalogues and advertising. Buy West Eat Best now has more than 120 members with over a thousand registered products. The program has now been extended to restaurants, whose menu's carry a minimum of 70% of dishes in the main and entree menus meeting the WA fished, farmed and grown criteria. Some of Perth's top eateries now boast the Buy West Eat Best sign.

We know there are even more growers, producers, manufacturers and retailers out there who can join in and help us share the passion of local WA food.

If you want to join us, read Buy West Eat Best: how to join and speak up now!

How will you benefit?

For the WA consumer, the Buy West Eat Best brand represents integrity, trust and fresh local produce.

For WA food producers, becoming a Buy West Eat Best member provides the opportunity to:

  • meet expressed customer demand for clearly labelled WA products
  • differentiate local products from imported products
  • leverage from an industry-wide scheme and campaign supported by WAGovernment
  • network with industry colleagues who are just as passionate about producing and selling local food as you
  • promote your brand and products on Buy West Eat Best's social and digital channels
  • participate in collective marketing and joint venture opportunities as they arise such as advertising, events and more.

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