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iLime compares liming strategies on your paddock

iLime is a decision tool to assist liming decisions.

Users are able to specify crop, fertiliser and soil characteristics specific to their farm. Different lime sources, rates of application and timing may be compared to estimate the optimum economic return for your paddock.

Yield, soil pH, soil aluminium and cash flow responses are displayed for lime strategies compared to not applying lime, allowing a long-term strategic view to liming decisions made today. It is available for Android and iOS.

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iLime estimates the impact of applications of lime on soil pH, yield and profitability of a paddock or area of soil over 20 years.

The model uses a dynamic budgeting approach to determine net inputs of acidity or alkalinity in three soil layers (0–10 cm, 10–20 cm and 20–30 cm), the change in pH and toxic aluminium in each of the layers and hence the impact on yield of crops and pastures. Two liming scenarios may be evaluated and compared against an unlimed scenario.


  • Calculate value for money lime source based on cost, freight, quality and reaction for your defined soil type
  • Evaluate the impact of soil acidity on the profitability of different crop rotations
  • Five and ten year return on investment and net present value after 20 years for two lime strategies
  • Evaluate the benefit of incorporating lime
  • App works entirely off-line
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