Animal welfare: pets and companion animals

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A person in charge or control of an animal is responsible for the health, safety, and welfare of the animal. The responsibility is the same for all animals from pets to livestock. Examples of the person in charge or control of an animal include the owner of an animal, a carer, a pet shop owner or employee, a farm worker, a livestock transport worker.

If you are a person in charge or control of an animal or are considering buying one then the welfare of that animal is your responsibility.

Pet ownership: your responsibilities

If you own a pet or are considering buying one, you need to be aware of your responsibilities, including:

  • provision of adequate food and water
  • suitable living conditions
  • prompt and suitable treatment of illness or injury
  • appropriate handling, restraint, transport.

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Western Australia (RSPCA) have published a brochure to assist consumers in making an informed decision when buying a pet.

Additional information can be obtained from the RSPCA or your local veterinarian.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development has recently published Standards and Guidelines for the Health and Welfare of Dogs in Western Australia, which establish minimum requirements and recommended practices to protect and promote the welfare of dogs. For more information on the Dog Standards and Guidelines, and the development of associated regulations, visit this page.


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Further information on reporting animal cruelty is available.


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