Stephen Davies
Research Officer
Stephen Davies

My role in the department

I undertake research to provide practical tools and options for grain growers to better manage water repellent soils and other soil and agronomic constraints associated with WA’s sandplain soils. I currently manage a DPIRD-led soil water repellence research project which partners with CSIRO, Murdoch University, University of South Australia and grower groups to further develop and improve the grains industry’s understanding and management of water repellent soils. The soil water repellence project collaborates with soil compaction, subsoil acidity and subsoil constraints research projects as part of GRDC’s Soil Constraints West initiavite.

Contact information

+61 (0)8 9956 8515
+61 (0)408 439 497

My background

I have more than 22 years experience undertaking agricultural plant physiology and soils research with the University of Western Australia, CSIRO Plant Industry in Canberra and DPIRD, based in Geraldton. At DPIRD I have managed subsoil constraints and soil water repellence research projects which have collaborated with the grains industry to deliver tools for more effective management of these soil constraints.


  • Delivering enhanced agronomic strategies for improved crop performance on water repellent soils in WA – GRDC project DAW00244

Key Expertise

Soil water repellence, soil compaction, subsoil acidity, subsoil constraints, soil amelioration, soil inversion, rotary spading, claying, soil wetting agents, industry development, grains research


  • Member: Australian Society of Soil Science Inc.
  • PhD Plant Science, University of Western Australia
  • BSc in Agriculture with Honours, University of Adelaide