Pastoral Remote Sensing – Station reports – Western Australia

Page last updated: Wednesday, 16 March 2022 - 2:01pm

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Pastoral Remote Sensing Reports are available from this page for all pastoral Stations in Western Australia.

The reports provide information on rainfall to date, ground cover and estimates of vegetation at a whole-of-lease level, derived from satellite data. Vegetation estimates are based on general assumptions, and are not accurate enough to use for setting stocking rates on your property. Use your own observations or measurements to calibrate the information.

You can download reports from this page, which are a summary of information from the Pastoral Remote Sensing application. Beside providing you with a date-stamped report that you can file, the PDF reports will download more rapidly and require less bandwidth than access to the full web-based functionality of the Pastoral Remote Sensing application.

The charts in each report gives a good indication of trends and value compared to other years, which provides a guide for pasture and grazing management.

The online Pastoral Remote Sensing application has maps and detail for land systems on the station. A good internet connection with adequate bandwidth is required to use the application.

More information about interpreting the content of the reports is available in the PRS Frequently asked questions within the PRS application.


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