Metamasius hemipterus Champion, 1910

Calandra hemipterus sericeus Olivier, Calandra sacchari Olivier, Curculio hemipterus Olivier, Curculio rufofasciatus Olivier, Curculio variegatus Olivier, Metamasius hemipterus Linnaeus, Rhynchophorus hemipterus carbonarius Olivier, Sphenophorus ambiguus Olivier, Sphenophorus decoratus Olivier, Sphenophorus hemipterus Olivier, Sphenophorus inscripta Olivier, Sphenophorus sacchari Olivier, Sphenophorus sexguttatus Olivier, 1807
West Indian cane weevil, rotten cane stalk borer, silky cane weevil, weevil borer.

C1 - Exclusion / Prohibited

Organisms which should be excluded from part or all of Western Australia.
  • Applicable area(s):
  • Whole of state