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WAPPA life membership for DAFWA’s pork pioneer

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Released on:
Monday, 2. December 2013 - 9:15

Department of Agriculture and Food development officer Hugh Payne has been recognised for his significant contribution to the Western Australian pork industry.

Mr Payne was awarded life membership of the WA Pork Producers Association (WAPPA) in acknowledgement of his service to industry, including breakthrough research in straw-based housing systems for pigs. 

Department Livestock Innovation Director Bruce Mullan said thanks to Mr Payne’s work, WA had developed a reputation throughout Australia and New Zealand for this applied research.

“Hugh has certainly been a leader in his field for many years,” Dr Mullan said. “He has been with the department since 1967 when he started work in the Dairy Research Centre in Margaret River.

“Since then he has made significant contributions to the pork industry and we are very pleased to see he has been acknowledged for that work.”

Mr Payne has been involved in a range of significant pig production developments over his career. These have revolved around pork production systems, shed and penning design, climate control methods, manure management processes, effluent treatment and recycling systems leading to sustainable environmental practices.

Consultant and WAPPA life member Dr Rob Wilson said Mr Payne was responsible for a range of developments in various pork production areas.

These included: controlling the environment for farrowing sows; the design, development, construction and operation of straw-based eco-sheds; assisting many producers with the planning and implementation of effluent treatment systems; and pioneering the capture and utilisation of biogas from covered anaerobic ponds.

“Hugh’s contribution to the economic success of the pork industry in WA has been immense,” Dr Wilson said.

“His practical approach to pig production, intuitive adoption of research findings and his calm, friendly and unassuming manner has influenced all areas of the industry from the largest of the intensive units to the smaller family operator across the state.”

Hugh has also been in demand for his contribution to many expert working groups and industry strategic research and development committees, to guide and focus the industry in the most appropriate and cost effective research, development and extension of research findings. His knowledge and experience across many areas of the production cycle has earned him a reputation of providing sound and practical advice.

Hugh started working with the pork industry in the early 1970s. His career has seen him undertake significant travel over the years, sharing his research with North America, Europe and the Ukraine.


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