Gaofeng Zhou
Research Scientist
Gaofeng Zhou

My role in the department

Dr Zhou works on the Barley Genetics project with DPIRD and Murdoch University as part of Western Barley Genetics Alliance. This project focusses on aspects of lupin genomics and genetics, barley genetics, agronomy and quality. The research is looking at increasing grain yield and disease resistance in lupin, and malting extract, head loss and straw strength, and tolerance to stresses such as waterlogging, acid soils and salinity. Dr Zhou has a strong focus on molecular genetics with his work concentrating on lupin and barley genomics studies, including genetic map construction, marker development, variety identification and seed purity testing.

Contact information

+61 (0)8 93607590
+61 (0)421 374 914

My background

Dr Zhou has eight years research experience in genetics, genomics and abiotic stress research in barley and lupin. He has worked at DPIRD and Murdoch University.


  • Molecular marker development for grain yield in lupin

Key Expertise

Barley genetics, genomics, transgenic, GMO, acid soil, salinity, waterlogging, malting, head loss, straw strength, transgentic wheat, transgenic barley


  • PhD in Agricultural Science, University of Tasmania