Manjimup hemp processing prefeasibility report

The Manjimup hemp processing prefeasibility report was commissioned by the Manjimup Agriculture Expansion Project, jointly steered by Shire of Manjimup, DPIRD, South West Development Commission and the Southern Forests Food Council. The work was completed by Strategy Matrix in 2017-18. The report considers production of hemp fibre and seed, supply chain and markets for hemp products.

It highlights the complexities of hemp variety selection and agronomy, as well as the diverse products that can be produced from hemp. It also considers maximum cartage distances for fibre processing, and issue particular to hemp. WA businesses may leverage our reputation for safe food production and capacity in related industries (oilseeds and agroforestry products) to capture value in this emerging industry.

The report of Stage 1 of the prefeasibility, and a comprehensive draft review of published literature is now available to download. For enquiries or more information, email

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