Donna Foster
Technical Officer
Donna Foster

My role in the department

As part of my current duties at DPIRD, I provide techinical support to the cereal pathology group. I am proficient in the identification, production and maintenance of fungal pathogens and I provide detailed disease and growth assessments in the field and glasshouse. This data is compiled and used in the National Variety Testing program as well as the Crop Variety Sowing Guides.

Contact information

+61 (0)8 9368 3549
+61 (0)431 226 401

My background

I have more than 27 years of experience at DPIRD, commencing my career in pasture evaluation. I have contributed to the cereal pathology group for the majority of my career, providing technical assistance and examining foliar diseases in wheat. I have been responsible for the design, implementation and management of disease screening trials in the field, glasshouse and laboratory.


  • National Variety Testing Agreement – foliar diseases of wheat and barley. GRDC funded project – DAW00235
  • Improved genetic solutions for the management of yellow spot in wheat. GRDC funded project – DAW00247

Key Expertise

Wheat, crop diseases, cereal pathology, National Variety Trials, fungal pathogens


  • BSc in Biology, Murdoch University