Carla Wilkinson
Senior Research Officer
Carla Wilkinson

My role in the department

I am a Research Officer in DPIRD's crop protection group specialising in plant parasitic nematode issues under the guidance of Dr Sarah Collins. I am a project leader of a COGGO funded project investigating the resistance of oats to the two most commonly found root lesion nematodes in broadacre crops in Western Australia, Pratylenchus neglectus and P. quasitereoides. I also work on two nationally co-ordinated GRDC funded projects which are principally investigating yield loss caused by root lesion nematodes in broadacre crops. I have also conducted research on horticulturally significant plant parasitic nematodes (Meloidogyne spp and P. penetrans) in Western Australia and on the potential of a plant parasitic nematode which is causing significant issues in the turf industry, Southern Sting Nematode (Ibipora lolii), to cause issues in horticultural crops.

Contact information

+61 (0)8 9368 3862

My background

I have over 25 years experience in research on plant pests and pathogens in WA.

I joined DPIRD nematology in 2012 to conduct research for irrigated agricultural on a national project focused on potential crop impacts and rotational options for growers impacted by root-knot nematodes. More recently I have been involved in trials testing the effect of root lesion nematodes on broadacre crops. I have conducted glasshouse trials on the susceptibility of a range of horticultural crops to sting and root-root knot nematodes.

I have over ten years’ experience working on detecting, monitoring and controlling Phytophthora in native ecosystems. During this time I was a project leader investigating fungicides to control Phytophthora cinnamomi in native vegetation. I also worked in California using PCR and real-time technology to detect P. ramorum, a recently introduced aerial plant pathogen.


  • Resistance of milling and hay oats to root lesion nematodes Pratylenchus neglectus and P. quasitereoides in Western Australia. COGGO funded project.
  • Yield loss response curves for host resistance to leaf, crown and root diseases in wheat and barley. GRDC funded project - DAW00245
  • National nematode epidemiology and management program. GRDC funded project - DAV00128
  • National improved molecular diagnostics for disease management. GRDC funded project - DAS00137

Key Expertise

Grains research, root lesion nematode, root knot nematode, crop rotation, plant parasitic nematode, southern sting nematode, Pratylenchus neglectus, Pratylenchus quasitereoides, irrigated agriculture, plant disease, plant pests, large scale trials.


  • BSc (Biological Sciences) with first class Honours, Murdoch University

My articles

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