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YellowSpotWM - Yellow leaf spot management

YellowSpotWM is a decision support tool that assists growers and consultants in determining the best management strategy to reduce yellow leaf spot disease in wheat and increase profits.

YellowSpotWM accounts for the major factors that influence yellow leaf spot severity. The user can specify factors relating to paddock selection, variety, seasonal conditions, prices and management options so that the output relates to their cropping circumstance. Therefore, the user can explore their options for disease control and understand the relative importance of each factor.

To download YellowSpotWM, click on the App Store link below from your iPad/iphone or the Google play link below from your Android tablet/phone.

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YellowSpotWM - Yellow leaf spot management

YellowSpotWM helps you to manage yellow leaf spot disease in wheat crops in Australia. YellowSpotWM can be tuned to account for some of the major factors that relate to risk of yield loss due to yellow leaf spot disease in your paddocks. It allows you to compare the likely profitability of different disease management strategies including paddock selection, variety choice, in-furrow fungicide and foliar fungicide. YellowSpotWM takes account of costs, yield benefits, grain price and seasonal conditions to give you best case, worst case and most likely estimates of financial return. YellowSpotWM does not account for all factors that can affect yellow leaf spot disease, so information provided by this tool should not be considered to be tailored to the circumstances of any individual farm.


  • Multiple options which allow the user to enter parameters that best reflect their circumstances.
  • Determines the likely yellow leaf spot severity, yield loss and economic return from the parameters entered
  • Provides current yellow leaf spot resistance ratings for all current wheat varieties
  • Considers complex interactions that affect the disease
  • Can compare different management strategies
  • The user can email a paddock report to another party for example a business partner or farm consultant
  • Alternate views of predicted results to suit the users preference
  • Updated regularly to incorporate all current wheat varieties and their yellow spot rating
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