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Calibrate your bait spreaders estimate baits per square metre with a single photo.

SnapBait assists in the process of calibrating your snail and slug baits spreader.

Simply take a photo at knee-height or pick one from the gallery, let the app detect and count the baits, and get an estimate density of baits per square metre.

All you need is to place a standard sized card within the photo for the app to have a reference of the size of the baits. All the hard work is then done by the image analysis algorithms embedded within the app.


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SnapBait is the first of a suite of applications developed to better monitor, study and control snails and slugs in WA crops. SnapBait has been developed to precisely detect and count baits on assorted backgrounds to assist users with bait spreader calibrations; as research has found that an even spread of baits across a paddock increases the chances that slugs and snails will encounter a bait and feed on it.

SnapBait has been developed to detect blue or green baits on even backgrounds such as gravel, bitumen, concrete or level bare ground onto which the baits should be spread for calibration purposes. It is intuitive and easy to use since it includes on-the-go tips and 12 sample photos to test run its functionality at any time.

For calibration purposes, several photos may be taken along a transect. Each photo may be recorded with a brief description of the spreader settings for future reference. Moreover, optional geo-tagging is available so that the record location can be displayed for each record within the app.


  • Snail bait detection and density estimate in one shot.
  • Use photos from the gallery or take them from the camera within the app.
  • Save individual records to your phone with GPS tag and custom notes.
  • Access your recorded photos and notes listed as cards in the app's main screen.
  • Have a test run with one of the 12 sample images included.
  • Spread your baits in usual terrains such as gravel, concrete or bitumen.
  • Works on any size and shape of blue or green bait.
  • No internet connection required.
  • Compatible across devices with different camera specs.
  • On-the-go instructions are provided for best results.
  • Provides a precise estimate optimise your spreading.
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