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Sheep Condition Scoring

This app records condition scores for multiple mobs of sheep. It has an easy to use score pad and results can be stored in the app or emailed for further analysis.

The Sheep Condition Scoring app helps sheep managers record condition scores of multiple mobs, calculate the mean and view histograms of the scores. Users can add multiple records to a mob and add multiple mobs. The data can be emailed to the user's account to allow further recording. The score pad can be used in either the left or right hand. The app can also be used for scoring other traits such as wrinkle and breech score or for any application that requires a score profile of 1 to 5.

Condition scoring is a useful tool to manage sheep nutrition and is essential in managing pregnant ewes. Use condition score in combination with available pasture to run feed budgets. For more information, visit the condition scoring of sheep webpage. 

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Sheep Condition Scoring

The condition score app allows you to record scores in a range of 1 to 5 in quarterly intervals. Once saved, the scores are displayed as a histogram and a mean of the record for that mob. Multiple records for that mob can be created allowing the user to follow condition score changes over time. Mulitple mobs can be added  and the index allows users to view any mob record at any time off-line.

Embedded in the app is a video and explanation of how to score as well as links to important information about how and why to use condition score.


  • in-built video on how to condition score
  • results are displayed ads a histogram for each time a mob is scored
  • multiple mobs and multiple records of each mob can be added
  • data can be emailed to the user, ready for further analysis
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