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SclerotiniaCM - Sclerotinia Management App

SclerotiniaCM uses a forecasting model to assist canola growers with fungicide application decisions, on a paddock by paddock basis, and the likely economic returns from those decisions.

The user can specify individual paddock data as well as recent and expected weather conditions so that the output relates to their own cropping circumstances.

To download the SclerotiniaCM App, click on the App store link below from your iPad, or the Google play link below from your Android tablet.

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SclerotiniaCM - Sclerotinia Management App

SclerotiniaCM helps you manage Sclerotinia stem rot disease in Australia. SclerotiniaCM draws on several years of field trials and observations, as well as experimental data and expert knowledge from contributors throughout Australia to forecast the likely result and economic return of spraying for this problematic disease. SclerotiniaCM takes account of costs, yield benefits, grain price and seasonal conditions to give you the best case, worst case and most likely estimates of fungicide control. Sclerotinia stem rot is an unpredictable disease and the app takes into account that it is highly influenced by seasonal conditions. SclerotiniaCM app will give growers and consultants more confidence in decisions about whether to invest in spraying for the disease. The App is to be continually updated to reflect new experimental results as they become available.

For more information on Sclerotinia stem rot refer to Managing sclerotinia stem rot in canola. 


  • Multiple options which allows the user to enter parameters that best reflect their circumstances
  • Determines the likely sclerotinia severity, yield loss and economic return of parameters entered
  • The user can email a paddock report to another party for example a business partner or farm consultant
  • Alternate views of predicted results to suit the users preference
  • Updated regularly to incorporate new experimental results as they become available
  • Short videos about how to use the app and optimise its use
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