Potential yield is the maximum yield possible given rainfall in the absence of any other constraints.

Estimates of potential wheat yield are obtained using the French & Schultz potential yield model:

yield (tonnes/ha) = WUE * (Stored Soil Water + Growing Season Rainfall - Evaporation)

where WUE is the abbreviation for Water Use Efficiency and Growing Season Rainfall is from April to October inclusive. Stored Soil Water at the start of the growing season is modelled for 10 different soil types.

Growing season rainfall is composed of cumulative rainfall at the time the maps are produced plus decile 5 rainfall for the remainder of the growing season.

The potential yield model assumes that:

If any of these assumptions are not met, then potential yield could be considerably lower than shown in the maps.

Potential yield maps are produced at appropriate times during the growing season (usually from June to October).

For location-specific potential yield information, with selection of Evaporation and WUE, see the new Potential yield tool


Potential yield map
SSF v4.2