Workforce and diversity plan 2016-18

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The Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia's Workforce and diversity plan aims to assist our department in delivering a diverse, flexible, responsive and sustainable workforce capable of continuing to support a high-quality agriculture and food sector to the people of Western Australia.

Leadership statement

A suitably skilled workforce is essential to optimise our contribution to economic development within Western Australia. Improving and maintaining the capacity and capability of our workforce is imperative to enabling innovation, strengthening competitiveness, boosting resilience and developing a larger capacity for the agriculture industry to capitalise on opportunities and contribute to global food security.

This workforce and diversity plan (the plan) builds upon the inaugural Workforce and diversity plan 2012–15 through a range of strategies and initiatives aimed at the further development of our people and their people management and leadership skills.

The plan outlines the strategies and initiatives, operationalised at the directorate level through their own workforce plans, to deliver a diverse, flexible, responsive and sustainable workforce capable of continuing to support a high quality agriculture and food industry to the people of Western Australia.

Workforce diversity is a key component of workforce planning and strategically links equal employment opportunity (EEO) initiatives with diversity groups under-represented in our workforce. These EEO initiatives are aligned to best practice workforce planning and benchmarking requirements and will support the achievement of corporate objectives and meeting legislative requirements.

Through our commitment to diversity we will ensure all policies and procedures reduce any barriers to substantive equality and participation at all levels.

The plan will be regularly reviewed to ensure progress towards goals and objectives are realised and options for further improvement identified.

I look forward to your support and contribution in developing, implementing and evaluating these initiatives.

Mark Webb
A/Director General

30 June 2016


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