Declared plant management calendar for the South West region

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Under the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007 landholders must take control measures to destroy, prevent or eradicate declared pests.

To assist landholders to control the majority of declared weed species commonly found in the South West region, the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia has compiled a declared plant management calendar.

Calendar for managing declared plants in the South West region

Weeds Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Apple of Sodom




Arum lily          



Cape tulip            

Cotton bush*



Paterson's curse      

Variegated thistle*      



√ Optimum spraying time - maximum control achieved

♦ Spraying recommended only after summer rains have fallen

+ Spraying can be carried out. Satisfactory control will be achieved using higher rates of herbicide.

* Multiple germinations during the growing season - may require more than one treatment.

Spray recommendations


Spray recommendations

(Only treat actively growing plants with herbicide)

Apple of Sodom

Solanum linnaeanum

Amitrole T®: 1 part in 40 parts of water (1:40), plus 10g metsulfuron/100L of water, plus wetting agent at 1 part in 400 parts of water (1:400).

Arum lily

Zantedeschia aethiopica

Chlorsulfuron: 1g in 50L of water (1:50), plus wetting agent at 1:400.


Rubus species

Metsulfuron methyl: 10g per 100L (10:100), plus wetting agent at 1:400.
Grazon DS®** : 1 part in 300 (1:300), plus wetting agent and/or summer spraying oil at 1:400.
Garlon 600®** and Glyphosate are also effective. Consult recommendations.

Cape tulip

Moraea flaccida

Chlorsulfuron: 1g in 50L of water (1:50), plus wetting agent at 1:400.
Metsulfuron methyl: 1g per 50L (1:50), plus wetting agent at 1:400.

Cotton bush

Gomphocarpus fruticosus

Small infestations - pull out by hand, wear gloves.

Glyphosate at 2L to 100L of water (2:100), plus 10g metsulfuron/100L of water, plus wetting agent at 1:400.


Emex australis

Medicamine® **, 2,4-DB**, MCPA**, Tribunil for control in pasture with minimum clover loss.
Dicamba **: 1:600 parts of water.  (700ml/ha).
Metsulfuron methyl and glyphosate can also be used, but with severe pasture loss.

Paterson’s curse

Echium plantagineum

Chlorsulfuron: 1g in 50L (20g/ha) of water, plus wetting agent.
Metsulfuron methyl:  5 g/ha plus wetting agent at 1:400, for later season control.

Variegated thistle

Silybum marianum

2,4-D amine** at 2-5L/ha for seedlings, plus wetting agent at 1:600. Use higher rates for larger plants.
Slashing of older plants to stop seeding is also effective.

Note: The herbicides marked ** are subject to the Restricted Spraying Regulations Act 1979.

A permit is required from the Department of Agriculture and Food for any applications of these chemicals within 5km of a commercial vineyard or tomato grower.