WaterSmart Farms – Water Security and Resilience in a Drying Climate

Page last updated: Thursday, 16 March 2023 - 4:17pm

The WaterSmart Farms project will support adoption of on-farm desalinisation plants in agricultural regions, to process brackish groundwater into a suitable resource for livestock, crop agronomy and other agribusiness activities.

The project is investigating optimal on-farm desalinisation technology and its application in the Grainbelt and Great Southern regions of WA. WaterSmart Farms will assess the technology, economics and systems, suitable groundwater resources and options for the disposal of reverse osmosis (RO) reject water.

Decision support tools

WaterSmart Farms is producing a series of support tools that will assist farmers and other industry stakeholders to make informed decisions. 

TOOLS - Groundwater & Salinity Maps

Groundwater and Salinity Interactive Map

  • More than 8000 groundwater monitoring bores
  • Local and Regional groundwater trends
  • Areas of satellite-mapped salinity as of the year 2000
  • Areas with a potential to have shallow watertables and potential salinity
Link to GeoMap-WA


  • Geology and Geophyics
  • Simplified version of DMIRS GeoView-WA
  • Suitable for use on a tablet or phone
Surface water and dams map

Surface Water and Dams - Hydro Guide

  • modelled surface-water flow and accumulation within the south-west agricultural region
  • farm dams and lakes
  • land surface contours and terrain slope
  • areas of potential inundation
Evaporation basin Calculator

Evaporation Basin Calculator


  •  design guides for disposal basins


Contact information

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