Understanding the WA IoT DecisionAg program

Page last updated: Tuesday, 14 May 2019 - 1:39pm

The $580,000 WA Internet of Things (IoT) DecisionAg Grant Program (Program) is focused on demonstrating agricultural digital technology (ag-tech) solutions to WA growers and school students in the grains industry.

The program has three key focus areas, which are all new and rapidly developing spaces in on-farm connectivity to support the IoT, operation of IoT apps and devices, and analysis of the data generated.

The program is designed as a learning journey for WA grain growers and students to share experiences in the selection and adoption of these technologies. Their shared learnings will enable more WA growers to adopt ag-tech equipment and devices with greater knowledge, understanding and confidence.

There were five different types of connectivity technology solutions presented to support IoT from the traditional cellular network, to wireless mesh, long-range wide area networks (LoRaWAN), Sigfox and private LTE networks.  There were 13 IoT apps and devices submitted for demonstration by the applicants, covering both grain and livestock end uses and seven different visualisation/ data analytic platforms were proposed for investigation.

Weather stations and soil moisture probes were the most common IoT apps and devices chosen to be demonstrated followed by water tank monitoring and security cameras. 

Among the successful applications, seven different data visualisations platforms were identified.  These visualisation platforms allow end users to view their data in near-real time.

Successful applicants will demonstrate these technologies over multiple farm properties within grower groups, over large properties, to farm properties geographically isolated from the home farm, and on agricultural school farms.


- Article by eConnected's Kari-Lee Falconer

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