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Severe skin itching in humans can be caused by bites from species of straw itch mite.

Establishing a healthy and productive orchard requires planning and preparation. You must first select a mango variety and then its propagation method.

Cattle can be personally and financially rewarding but before getting into beef, small landholders need to consider whether themselves, their family and their farm are ready for a full-time bovine

Many Western Australians are drawn to the alpaca's versatility and the low impact they have on the natural environment.

The Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia's (DAFWA) Quarantine WA service works hard to prevent the introduction of exotic pests, diseases and weeds found in other states and territ

Roses grow exceptionally well in the Mediterranian climate of south west, Western Australia.

Herbicides play a vital role in integrated weed management programs.

Pulpy kidney (enterotoxaemia) is a disease of sheep, goats and cattle.

Many practices are transferable from a conventional system to an organic system of growing mangoes.

Herbicides can be applied by a variety of means including boom sprayers, aerial spraying, misters, blanket wipers, rope wick applicators, weed seekers and back-pack sprayers.