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Growers and agronomists are invited to attend a three-day workshop in August to gain ‘hands on’ training in identification of insect pests and diseases in grain crops.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development has congratulated technical officer Kevin Lacey on being recognised for his contribution to the development of the State’s citrus indus

Harvesting a frosted crop brings another layer of complexity to an already busy time of year.

Curtin University agribusiness graduate Jefferson Allan has been awarded the Noel Fitzpatrick Medal from a field of five outstanding finalists at the Young Professionals in Agriculture Forum yester

Additions have been made to the latest wheat variety guide that will make crop selection easier for Western Australian grain growers.

More than 100 students travelled the pathway to agriculture at the Manjimup Horticultural Research Institute last week.

If you run livestock, whether on a small scale or commercially, you need a biosecurity plan.

Kununurra residents and visitors are urged to work together to help protect the region’s vital horticultural industry from the destructive fruit pest, Mediterranean fruit fly (Medfly).

Livestock producers have until 15 August to register their interest in taking part in a Department of Agriculture and Food nutrient mapping program.

A blue colouring in the aleurone layer of barley grain (the layer immediately below the husk) may be present in some varieties.