This tool can be used to work out the lowest cost of a number of different sheep feeds.

These tools and calculators are designed to help producers manage their ewe flock more effectively and make better management decisions about feed budgeting and grazing.

This tool can be used to estimate the supplementary feed requirements of a sheep enterprise for a single year. 

Strip grazing is a tactic used to increase feed on offer (FOO) during winter and is a valuable management tactic for wool growers wanting to increase stocking rates, maintain stocking rates in poor

This tool can be used to calculate the supplementary feed for low green feed.

Deferred grazing is a tactic where stock are excluded from pasture areas to maximise germination and establishment of annual pasture seedlings.

Sheep Condition Scoring app icon

This app records condition scores for multiple mobs of sheep. It has an easy to use score pad and results can be stored in the app or emailed for further analysis.