Table grape growing, non commercial

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Shoot and bunch removal in spring

It is good practice to thin excess foliage and fruit between October and December to maintain a healthy vine and prevent overcropping.

Early October

  • Remove surplus shoots that do not carry any bunches. The aim is to have a single shoot every 10–20cm along the trellis for cane-pruned vines and two shoots every 10–20cm for spur-pruned vines. Avoid dense clusters of shoots.

Early November

  • Remove the leaves between the base of the shoot and the first bunch. This will dramatically improve disease control.

Late December

  • Thin the crop to one bunch per shoot. Select bunches that hang below the foliage and that have a loose set with a reasonable distance between berries. Reduce the crop load to between 20 and 40 bunches per vine depending on the size and age of the vine.


The following list of varieties should satisfy the demands of the home gardener.

Late maturing varieties are more likely to be affected by Mediterranean fruit fly, bird damage and powdery mildew.

Harvest period


Berry description


Mid Jan

‘Flame Seedless’

Small red seedless

Spur pruned

Late Jan


Medium red seeded

Spur pruned

Early Feb

‘Red Globe’

Large red seeded

Cane pruned

Mid Feb


Medium white seeded

Spur pruned

Late Feb


Small white seedless

Cane pruned

Early March

‘Muscat Gordo’

Medium white seeded

Spur pruned

Early March

‘Crimson Seedless’

Medium red seedless

Cane pruned

Mid March

‘Waltham Cross’

Medium white seeded

Spur/cane pruned

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