Substantive equality

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The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development is committed to substantive equality in service to its clients.  This means providing services in ways that consider differing needs, to create equitable outcomes for all Western Australians.

Substantive equality principles

Our department works to ensure our services are designed and delivered in ways that meet the diverse needs of clients by applying the following principles:

  • Serving members of the community equitably, regardless of age, race, culture, religion, disability or gender.
  • Continuously reviewing and developing client services and delivery.
  • Incorporating substantive equality principles into plans, procedures and practices.
  • Ensuring staff have the knowledge, skills and abilities to support substantive equality.

Aboriginal Economic Development

DPIRD's Aboriginal Economic Development (AED) function demonstrates our department’s commitment to substantive equality through its commitment to unlocking significant and impactful regional Aboriginal economic development opportunities.

AED builds local capacity and supports new business and jobs for Aboriginal people through primary industries and strategic regional projects.

Visit the AED page for more information.

Contact information

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