State NRM Project Highlights

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Dieback mapping and treatment

Phosphite injected into the trunks of jarrah trees at risk of contracting dieback in the Ellen Brockman region. Courtesy Bonny Dunlop, Chittering Landcare Centre.

Dieback disease is invading bushland reserves, threatening biodiversity and degrading ecological linkages throughout the Ellen Brockman region. Mapping the extent of dieback is critical to its management.

With the help of State NRM Program funding, this project will map four reserves where the threat of dieback is suspected. Once the threat is assessed, action will be taken to reduce the spread. Three other infested reserves also will be treated.

A workshop for the local community will be held as part of this project to raise awareness of the disease.

Investment: $ 39 384
In-kind contribution: $ 38 600
Other contribution: $ 784

Delivery organisation: Ellen Brockman Integrated Catchment Group
Project duration: February 2012 - June 2012
Location: Various reserves in the City of Swan and Shire of Chittering

Major project achievements

Dieback in 8 reserves mapped.
15 hectares of dieback affected area treated.
A total of 16 signs were erected in dieback free and infested areas within the mapped reserves.
30 people attended an informative community workshop.

Project partners

Shire of Chittering; City of Swan; North Swan Landcare Group; Chittering Valley LCDC; Chittering Landcare Centre