White Star is an improved potato variety which was selected in Western Australia for its ability to produce high yields of large tubers under winter and spring growing conditions.

Orchard management starts from planning and goes through to harvest to achieve the best marketable yield. It includes orchard establishment, irrigation, nutrition, canopy management and orchard protection.

Pruning is a cultural practice involving the removal of tree branches and limbs.

This is essential after harvest to maintain productivity. With citrus, correct pruning can make a significant difference to yields and fruit quality.

Monitoring a citrus orchard to gain some knowledge of the effectiveness of nutrition programs can be difficult, expensive and time consuming.  It is, however, the only way a valid assessment can be made of the effectiveness of fertiliser programs on tree performance and their effect on soil chemi

To make sure that any chemical application doesn’t leave you short on protection or break your withholding periods, the Flystrike Chemical Planner (a hand-held paper-based tool) and the Flystrike Assist application (mobile app for iOS and Android) have been developed by the Department of Primary

Correct nutrition of citrus trees is essential if they are to crop and perform to their maximum potential.

Determining the size of the crop on citrus trees is an important tool which allows growers to make appropriate management decisions for the upcoming season. It is also useful for negotiating with buyers for marketing your supply of fruit.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development's (DPIRD) network of automatic weather stations and radars throughout the state provide timely, relevant and local weather data to assist growers and regional communities make more-informed decisions.

Shallow relief drains relatively cheap and easy to construct, and are effective at removing surface water from flooded or ponding land. Removing static surface water reduces waterlogging and groundwater recharge and improves productivity of the soil.

Cabbage and turnip aphids are relatively minor pests of cabbages in both Indonesia and Western Australia.

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