The 2019-20 season has closed! If you've been trapping alongside us, it's time to bring in your trap(s).

Two documents on Australian truffle orchard pest and diseases are available to download. They are the 'Australian truffle orchards - integrated pest and disease managment manual' and the 'Australian truffle orchard - pest and disease field guide'.


Mosaic Agriculture is one of three strategic pillars under the Northern Beef Development project.

Productivity and Capacity is one of three strategic pillars under the Northern Beef Development project.

Ovine Observer Issue number 87 January 2020

This edition includes articles on:

Pregnancy Scanning Benchmarks Tool

Using non-invasive microwave to measure fat depth on lamb carcasses

Stress and reproductive hormones are imprinted in sheep wool

Have you seen sub clover red leaf syndrome in your pastures?


Whether you are a bushwalker, mountain bike rider, camper, fisher or rock climber, we all have a role to play in protecting Australia’s animals and regional industries from serious diseases.

Seasonal Climate Outlook November 2019

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development’s (DPIRD) Statistical Seasonal Forecast (SSF) outlook for November 2019 to January 2020 is indicating less than 40% chance of exceeding median rainfall for the majority of the South West Land Division (SWLD).

2019 has been a difficult season for many throughout Western Australia with variable rainfall impacting on production and profitability.

A range of services are in place to support farmers and pastoralists experiencing hardship, as a result of seasonal and financial pressures.

AgMemo October 2019

AgMemo is the department’s flagship newsletter - keeping subscribers across the state up to date with the department’s activities, news and advice. In this edition:

- Research focus on the use of native flies to pollinate horticultural crops
- Support services and resources to assist...

A little knowledge of the nutritional value of your supplementary feeds can save you a lot of money and hassle. In dry seasons in particular, it is likely that farmers will need to start supplementary feeding earlier than usual.

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