Wingless grasshoppers and their control

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Bran treated with insecticide is an effective bait which can provide some protection later in the season if spraying of newly-emerged grasshoppers was not carried out. When applied on ground with little or no plant cover or on trash-free cultivated strips, the bran is available to the foraging hoppers. Apply baits where hoppers congregate or as a barrier where they move across the ground, for example, towards trees or a garden. Do not apply on thick pasture.

Provide a barrier bait treatment at least two metres wide around vegetable gardens, vineyards, orchards or tree plantations. The incoming grasshoppers then pick up the bait as they move towards their target.

Grasshoppers accept the bait better after the second instar stage because the dry matter component of their diet is increasing.

An advantage of baiting is that it is relatively specific to grasshoppers and does not harm beneficial organisms. Baits are only effective for about three days because the insecticide component degrades in sunlight, so two or three applications are required during the season.

Prepackaged bran/bait mixtures are available or alternatively you can make up your own.

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