Comparison of tillage methods for lime incorporation, West Binnu 2016 trial report

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To showcase to growers different innovative practices for deep incorporation of lime to ameliorate sub surface acidity and improve soil health.

Trial details

Table 1 Trial details, West Binnu trial 2016 (third year of trial)
Property Kirra Plains, West Binnu
Soil type Yellow sandplain
Crop / variety Not cropped
Paddock rotation 2013 canola, 2014 wheat, 2015 wheat, 2016 pasture

2014 Lime at 0, 2 and 4.5t/ha

2014 Incorporation method: nil, offset disc, one way plough, mouldboard plough, deep rip, Grizzly Deep Digger®

Replicates Two

Growing season rainfall

2016 - Third season (DAFWA Binnu station)

January – March 50mm

April – September 296mm

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