Small landholders and property management

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Whether your property is 1ha or 2000ha, as a rural landholder you have many responsibilities.

The way you manage your land can have a major impact on the people, properties and rural environment beyond your fenceline.

Planning for your property can start even before you purchase it.

Make sure you research your potential property and the activities you would like to carry out, to ensure you select the most suitable property to meet your needs and expectations.

Once you have purchased the property there are many seasonal activities (e.g. controlling weeds, maintaining fences, preparing for bushfires, etc.) that must be completed to ensure you meet your land management responsibilities.

Purchasing your small property

Buying a small property

Tips for purchasing small rural landholdings


Managing your small property

Fencing for beginners

Manure management on small properties

Safe chemical spraying for small landholders

Small landholder seasonal activity list

The land is in your hands - information booklet


Preparing your small property

Biosecurity plans for small landholders

Bushfire survival plans for small landholders

Developing a property plan for small landholdings


Revegetating your small property

Establishing effective windbreaks on the Swan Coastal Plain

Plan to plant on your small property

Preventing tree damage by livestock

Revegetating your small property

Selecting suitable tree varieties on your small property



Declared plant control handbook

Declared plant management calendar for the South West region

Developing an integrated weed management (IWM) plan